máquina de escribir + ilustración II

typewriter + illustration

Máquina de escribir + ilustración

typewriter + illustration
Dibujos de cama

noches de Londres

faces & feelings I
Diciembre 2015 


l i n ó l e o s "de  corte libre"

Junio 2016 Londres

Our stall in #SOI Market! Nice! 


Working on some new illustrations.

I wanted to show my work at the DIY Art Market in Epic Dalston and I asked my friends living in Spain to be a part of it as well, so they could show they work in London for first time. 

And it happened! 

Thanks to my sister who came from Spain with their work and our want to make it real. A really beautiful goal done.
And we keep working, dreaming and taking action for making this dreams come true.

I will be selling my work
in Epic Dalston!

illustration for my next zine:

The second one is coming!

Working on my next Plant Pot Mask
Recycling a yogurt container to place the plant pot.

My project with the masks is happening!
And some other ideas are close to arrive too.


I made a zine yesterday to collaborate with the 

matter is its name

My second zine is almost here.
& won't come alone

Así nacieron nuevas criaturas, 
el 7 de Julio del año pasado.

Dibujé cortando el papel con las manos.

Ya está preparado para ser mi segundo fanzine:
cut cut cut #2 faces.

¡Muy pronto!